A little about te author...

Jocelyne Ramniceanu was born on March 19th in Paris, the city of light. When she was a little girl she arrived to Venezuela guided by her family which was looking for a new path, new horizons and new realities. Ever since it was noticeable how her inner world was developing, filled with an inner wealth that translated into a rich imagination where amazing beings offered her their friendship. She studied Tourism, but the mental sciences never stopped tempting her interest. That is why, guided by her true calling, she studied several years of Psychology at the Catholic University Andrés Bello, reinforcing the knowledge with several Gestalt courses.

Throughout several years she developed her abilities as an entrepreneur, also supporting several family businesses; nonetheless she never abandoned her passion, working in the meantime with patients in private therapies. Her concerns and questions drove her to take several courses, where some standout such as: Rebirthed; Kabbalah; Meditation Practices, especially the Vipassana meditation; Universal Energy Healing; A Miracle Course; and several others. Through this constant search down several paths, one of them founds its end in Ho’oponopono and Reconnection, which finally gave her the peace she was looking for and helped find herself.

Nowadays she offers private consultations, where she practices Reconnection, Reconnective Healing and Energetic Realease. She gives workshops about Ho’oponopono and she brings the message of this fabulous Hawaiian technique through her writings, speeches and therapies, helping many transform their own lives. She is the author of Magical Words and she organized the seminars of Mabel Katz (Ho’oponopono master) in Venezuela.

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